The Best Fitting, Customizable Football Helmet Technology
The Best Fitting, Customizable Football Helmet Technology

Football helmet technology has evolved from simple hard shell exteriors with foam interiors to a wide range of different impact mitigation technologies across the industry. 


Xenith's helmet technology is a unique approach to linear and rotational impact management, with a focus on athlete fit and comfort. Since the release of the X1 in 2009, our adaptive fit system has been a core technological component of every helmet that we design and manufacture, and as our helmets continue to evolve, so do the components of our core technology. 

However, across the board, our Adaptive Fit System ensures a custom, unique fit for every athlete, and can be found in every Xenith football helmet, youth and varsity. 



When you engage the Integrated Xenith Chinstrap (1), the Internal Shock Matrix conforms to your head for an even, 360 fit, eliminating pressure points for maximum comfort and protection. 


Utilizing Xenith's Internal Shock Matrix (2), which functions as a protective cap inside the helmet shell that can be cinched or loosened to the athlete's preference, creates a barrier of space between the head and shell effectively separating the head from the hit. This allows more time and space for energy from impact to dissipate before it reaches the athlete. 



PERFORMANCE: Xenith football helmets are designed to maintain the athlete's natural center of gravity by evenly distributing weight and pressure across the entire head resulting in the most balanced and agile helmet on the field. 


COMFORT: Xenith's Adaptive Fit System eliminates pressure points and hot spots removing distractions and providing peak comfort. 


PROTECTION: Individualized fit is set once and lasts, or can be changed from player to player, providing reliable impact force management to protect on the field, and an economical solution for coaches to have top-rated protection year after year. 


Whether you're a coach looking to outfit an entire team, or a parent buying a football helmet for your athlete, Xenith helmet technology is designed to provide an individualized fit for each football player. Learn more about Xenith football helmets below. 

Xenith Shadow XR Football Helmet

Xenith Shadow Football Helmet

Xenith X2E+ Football helmet