Side-view of a person holding a football helmet at eye-level.
Xenith Football Helmet Reconditioning

When the season comes to an end, football helmet reconditioning is key to ensure your athlete's helmet is as safe as the day you purchased it.

(Coaches, if you're reconditioning team helmets, follow this link)

As a NAERA member licensed by NOCSAE Xenith meets and exceeds industry standards. Look for the NOCSAE recertification label on the backside of your helmet that includes the recertifying firm (Xenith) and the year of recertification.

NOCSAE recertification label.

We believe helmet reconditioning is critical to an athlete’s safety and performance, and essential for maintaining the investment you've made in your football equipment.

Your helmet will be serviced by the people who build them, so you can feel confident it received thorough inspection, the most updated parts, and expert attention to get it ready for game day.

All helmets are tagged with RFID tracking labels to record your helmet's information and allow easy identification throughout the process.

    Our Reconditioning Process:

    Prepaid Packaging

    - We send you a prepaid shipping label and packaging to get your helmets to our facility.

    Quality Check

    - We disassemble every helmet, examine every piece and replace anything substandard at no additional cost. (Internal Shock Matrix, Facemasks and Helmet Shells are replaced at no additional cost during five year helmet warranty.)

    Interior Sanitizing

    - Each piece of the helmet gets hand-scrubbed and sanitized and then rinsed to remove all residue.

    Shell Maintenance

    - If you choose to have your helmets repainted, they will be sanded, repainted, and returned to you in like-new condition. If you choose “No Paint Needed” your helmets will skip the paint room, but still receive thorough inspection and cleaning to be returned in game-ready condition.

    Retest & Return

    - Helmets are tested thoroughly for quality and performance before returning back to you in game-ready condition.

    There's no corner cutting involved here. Your safety is our number one priority!

    What Makes Xenith Reconditioning Better? 


    - You will not receive secondary bills for paint or parts & all shipping costs are included - both ways.


    - Your helmet will be serviced by the people who build them, so you can feel confident your helmet receives expert attention, the most updated parts, and a helmet returned in like-new condition.


    - We keep your helmet parts together and generate a unique helmet maintenance history so you know exactly what was done to your helmet.

    Get Started

    The entire reconditioning process takes place in our production facility located in Detroit, Michigan. 

    Follow this link to get started reconditioning your Xenith helmet right now.